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At Gosport Wing Chun, we offer high-quality sports instruction in the traditional Chinese martial art of Wing Chun. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you improve your physical strength, mental focus, and self-defense skills. Whether you are a beginner or have previous martial arts experience, our classes are designed to accommodate all levels. Join us today and discover the power within you!

What we offer at Gosport Wing Chun

Beginner Wing Chun Training 

Our beginner Wing Chun training is perfect for those who are new to martial arts. Learn the fundamental techniques and principles of Wing Chun in a supportive and friendly environment.

Advanced Wing Chun Training

For those who have mastered the basics, our advanced Wing Chun training offers a deeper understanding of the art. Develop your skills through advanced drills, sparring, and specialized techniques.

Self-Defense Training 

Our self-defense training is designed to equip you with practical techniques for real-life situations. Learn how to defend yourself effectively and confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wing Chun suitable for all ages?

Yes, Wing Chun is suitable for people of all ages. Our classes are designed to accommodate different fitness levels and experience.

Do I need any prior martial arts experience?

No prior martial arts experience is required. Our classes are open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

What should I wear to the classes?

Wear comfortable workout attire, such as a t-shirt and sweatpants. We recommend wearing flat-soled shoes.

“I have been training at Gosport Wing Chun for over a year now and it has been an amazing journey. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about teaching. I have gained confidence, discipline, and improved my overall fitness. It's a fantastic place to learn and grow.”

— Karen king

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About us

Gosport Wing Chun is a leading sports instruction center in the United Kingdom. We have been providing top-notch Wing Chun training for over 10 years. Our mission is to promote the art of Wing Chun and help individuals achieve their fitness and self-defense goals. With a team of dedicated and experienced instructors, we create a supportive and inclusive environment for all students. Join us at Gosport Wing Chun and unlock your true potential.